Angela K Szelag • Owner, Jewelry Artist

My story can be medescribed in six words:  Indecision and experimentation equal silver-lined dreams. The journey to jewelry design, was not a direct path by any means. I worked as a graphic designer for many years and have dabbled in acrylic painting and drawing my whole life. It was not until September of 2013 when I took my first silversmith workshop that I fell in love with the entire process of creating a piece of jewelry. I enjoyed the way the saw felt in my hand while cutting silver with ease, covering it with sparkling silver dust. Watched with intrigue as the silver heated and the solder ran, joining two pieces into one. I became fascinated and was hooked. This expensive hobby became my full-time passion in January 2016.

My inspiration can be found in everyday life, referencing items from nature, my past and present. Many of my works are centered around and inspired by the stones themselves. My drive to create something new comes from this desire to try new techniques and manipulate the metal in new ways.

My work consists of sterling silver and semi-precious stones. The majority of the stones I work with are turquoise. There is something about the varying colors of turquoise that intrigue me. Every piece is so different; the webbing, color, shape, they all speak to me. Each piece of jewelry is designed around the stone itself. I want the variety of settings to showcase the stone’s natural beauty. The designs range from simple to intricate depending on the stones. Some stones can stand on their own to display their uniqueness, while other need ornate details such as flowers, leaves and feathers.

My draw to Navajo jewelry designs and the bohemian gypsy culture can be seen in my collection. I create work that is functional and practical. Each piece is designed to be lightweight while being durable allowing for comfort while being worn. I believe jewelry should be worn as a form of creative expression. Your body is the canvas and by wearing jewelry you are creating your own conversation and statement of your individuality. I am honored to have my work be a part of your individual expression.


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